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Trade Show Cases

This ultra-durable trade show case from Pelican has interior dimensions of 34.00" x 24.00" x 12.50" and can be used for shipping all types of valuable equipment. 

You invest a lot of time and money to exhibit at trade shows and you typically must rely on others to transport your valuable equipment.  Even if you can get this equipment to the show, there is no guarantee that it will get form the loading docks to your booth location intact.

UFP Technologies works with companies around the globe to specify, design, and fabricate custom trade show cases to ensure that equipment, samples, and computers get to their destination in one piece.

With the world becoming more interactive, the need to transport computer equipment to trade shows is greater than ever.  By fabricating custom multilayer foam inserts for protective shipping cases like those manufactured by Pelican Products, we can create trade show cases to protect monitors, computers, and various other accessories.