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Reusable Shipping Cases

Pelican cases with custom foam interiors are an excellent solution for protecting your items during multiple shipments.

Reusable plastic corrugated totes and trays with foam and corrugated plastic dividers.

Custom foam dunnage and part separators.

At UFP Technologies, we offer a rare combination of advanced materials, diverse conversion capabilities, and a long history of material handling experience. We offer a full line of protective cases and specialty packaging solutions for reusable shipping applications.

Pelican's protective cases are backed by a lifetime guarantee. The toughness and near indestructible design of Pelican's cases will provide you with peace-of-mind that your items will be protected throughout each and every shipment. UFP Technologies can create a Case Fit™ solution including Pelican cases and custom foam inserts that will provide you with the best reusable packaging are excellent for managing multiple shipments throughout a supply chain, inter-and intra-plant transfer and shipment.

UFP Technologies' certified packaging engineers have extensive packaging design expertise in using polyethylene, polyurethane, plastic corrugated, thermoformed plastic and injection molded totes to provide a solution that is perfect for your application. We can provide protection for Class A surfaces and ESD sensitivity. UFP Technologies has expertise in designing packaging solutions to protect against shock and vibration. All of UFP Technologies' reusable and returnable packaging solutions provide an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to one-time use packaging.