UFP Technologies has discontinued its direct to consumer sales


8/5/2009 - United Foam, a UFP Technologies brand, Offers Pelican® Storm Cases and Pelican's Hardigg® Case Product Lines
United Foam - named a Pelican Products distributor in August 2008 -now has access to Pelican's complete line of cases that were gained through their acquisition of Hardigg Industries in January 2009. Read More >

7/7/2009 - United Case™, a UFP Technologies brand, Offers Foam Inserts for Pelican's 0450 Mobile Tool Chest
United Case's Case Fit™ Drawer Liner product line provides end users of Pelican's 0450 Mobile Tool Chest a do-it-yourself foam tool control solution. Read More >

6/2/2009 - United Case™, a UFP Technologies brand, Provides Turnkey Protective Case Solutions for Military, Aerospace and Defense Applications
United Case announces their readiness to support protective case solutions for homeland security, military, aerospace and defense applications. Read More >

4/14/2009 - United Case™, a UFP Technologies brand, Offers Sales Professionals Carrying Cases with Custom Interiors
Material and Fabrication Capabilities Provide Maximum Functionality and Aesthetics for Sales and Presentation Cases. Read More >

3/24/2009 - United Case™, a UFP Technologies brand, Offers Case Solutions for Firearms
United Case now provides custom and standard case and foam insert protection for the storage and transportation of pistols, rifles and ammunition. Read More >

2/18/2009 - United Case™ Introduces Case Fit™ 260, an Exclusive Foam for Protective Case Inserts
Case Fit 260 is a non-abrasive proprietary foam designed to protect delicate parts such as electronics or metal fixtures. It exhibits excellent shock absorbency and vibration dampening characteristic and is resistant to water and most chemicals. Read More >

9/17/2008 - United Case™, a UFP Technologies brand, Introduces Its Case Fit™ Solution
Through the Case Fit solution United Case will engineer a solution, secure the appropriate case and foam material, fabricate the complete solution and have it shipped it to the customer's desired location(s). Read More >

8/27/2008 - UFP Technologies, Inc. Announces the Launch of United Case
UFP Technologies announces the launch of a new brand, United Case, targeting the protective case and foam case insert markets. Read More >

8/27/2008 - United Foam Creates a Tool Control Solution for the United States Army & Marines
United Case's partner, United Foam, Has Created a Tool Control Solution with Pelican™ Products and Armstrong Tools for the United States Army and Marines Read More >