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United Caseā„¢, a UFP Technologies brand, Offers Foam Inserts for Pelican's 0450 Mobile Tool Chest

Kissimmee, FL -- United Case™, a UFP Technologies brand, introduces foam drawer liners for Pelican™ Product’s 0450 Mobile Tool Chest. United Case’s Case Fit™ Drawer Liner product line consists of two specialty foam sets for the 0450 case. The foam sets are intended for storing tools and for practicing tool accountability.

Each Case Fit Drawer Liner kit for the Pelican 0450 case allows the end user to create professional looking foam lined tool drawers, at a fraction of the cost of a fabricated solution. Each kit includes six (6) shallow drawer foam sets and one (1) deep drawer set. Each foam set is pre-cut to fit the Standard Drawers for Pelican’s 0450 case. Each shallow drawer set contains ¾” thick black foam with pressure sensitive adhesive and ¼” thick foam. Each deep drawer set contains two (2) pieces of 7/8” thick black foam with pressure sensitive adhesive and ¼” foam. The Case Fit Drawer Liner kits are packaged with tracing paper to use when mapping out each tool’s location.

The Case Fit DL 45 set is made of the same closed-cell, oil repellent cross-linked polyethylene foam that is used in the US Army’s General Mechanics Tool Kits (GMTK). This durable foam tool control kit’s color combination is available in black over red.

The Case Fit DL PE set is made of a non-cross-linked polyethylene foam material. This foam set is recommended for applications where transportation of the 0450 case is kept to a minimum. The PE set’s color combination is available in black over white foam.

United Case’s expertise lies in creating custom foam inserts for cases. For projects where hand cutting a set is not feasible (i.e. large quantities, labor intensive) United Case can engineer and fabricate custom tool control drawer liner for the 0450 case via water-jet cutting, die-cutting or CNC routing.

Both the Case Fit DL 45 and the Case Fit DL PE can be purchased directly from United Case’s online store: www.unitedcase-pelican.com.

About United Case
United Case, a UFP Technologies brand (NASDAQ: UFPT), is a full service provider of protective cases and custom engineered foam inserts. In partnership with United Foam, the flagship brand of UFP Technologies, United Case offers a large selection of foams, multiple fabrication capabilities, eight North American locations and the protective packaging design knowledge and experience required to design the best case and foam insert solutions.

For more information on United Case call (888) 376-1113 or visit www.unitedcase.com.
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