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United Caseā„¢, a UFP Technologies brand, Offers Sales Professionals Carrying Cases with Custom Interiors

Kissimmee, FL -- United Case™, a UFP Technologies brand, has adapted their case and custom insert solutions to provide presentation kits for sales professionals. United Case now has the capability to create professional carrying cases for displaying, presenting, protecting and transporting products.

United Case’s custom presentation cases provide sales professionals superior protection for their products, organization and the aesthetic appeal needed during important sales meetings. The combination of a large inventory of cases, wide array of foam materials and multiple fabrication capabilities allow for a truly unique solution for each customer. United Case - Sales Case

United Case has a dedicated team of packaging engineers that can design a case and insert solution that provides superior protection and at the same time is eye-catching. The Company’s foam fabrication capabilities allow for corporate branding, such as company logos or colors, to be incorporated in a case solution.

CNC-machining allows United Case to fabricate custom foam interiors for carrying cases for low- to high-volume applications. Using this foam fabrication method no production tools are needed. This provides the customer with reduced costs and allow for quantities to suit a small sales force to accommodating large sales teams located throughout the United States.

United Case has created sales presentation cases for a myriad of applications including delicate electronics equipment, flashlights and medical devices. Sales cases have also been created to house and showcase small product samples accompanied by compartments to store literature and personal business cards. 

About United Case
United Case, a UFP Technologies brand (NASDAQ: UFPT), is a full service provider of protective cases and custom engineered foam inserts. In partnership with United Foam, the flagship brand of UFP Technologies, United Case offers a large selection of foams, multiple fabrication capabilities, eight North American locations and the protective packaging design knowledge and experience required to design the best case and foam insert solutions.

For more information on United Case call (888) 376-1113 or visit www.unitedcase.com.
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