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United Caseā„¢, a UFP Technologies brand, Offers Case Solutions for Firearms

Kissimmee, FL -- United Case™, a UFP Technologies brand (NASDAQ: UFPT), introduces their protective case and insert solutions for firearms. United Case now provides custom and standard case and foam insert protection for the storage and transportation of pistols, rifles and ammunition.

United Case’s Case Fit™ service has been adapted to provide custom Pistol Casesolutions for the firearms industry. United Case’s team of engineers will design a solution to a customer’s specification. They will recommend a protective case based on the size of a customer’s firearm and any attachments or ammunition that will also be stored in the case. A foam material for the interior protection will be suggested based on the level of protection needed and how the case will be used, i.e. for storage, shipping, outdoor use, etc. Through the Case Fit service, United Case has created custom solutions for a variety of pistols, rifles and firearm accessories.

As a custom solutions provider, United Case has expanded its services by offering standard protective case and insert solutions. United Case’s first set of standard solutions were created for a variety of popular handguns. The standard pistol protective case solutions are housed in a Pelican™ 1450 black case. The interior foam insert is made from a low abrasive cross-linked polyethylene foam that protects the finish of a firearm and provides water resistance. In addition, each case provides storage space for up to 10 magazines depending on the size of the pistol.

About United Case
United Case, a UFP Technologies brand, is a full service provider of protective cases and custom engineered foam inserts. In partnership with United Foam, the flagship brand of UFP Technologies, United Case offers a large selection of foams, multiple fabrication capabilities, eight North American locations and the protective packaging design knowledge and experience required to design the best case and foam insert solutions.

For more information on United Case call (888) 376-1113, visit www.unitedcase.com or www.unitedcase-pelican.com or email sales@unitedcase.com.
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