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Case Fit® 260

Case Fit 260 was custom fabricated to protect a M16 rifle, scope attachments and extra magazine clips
Case Fit 260 was used to create a large case insert to store multiple laptops
Case Fit 260 was used for protecting delicate electronics equipment during shipping and storage

Case Fit® 260 is UFP Technologies' proprietary foam material used for fabricating custom inserts for protective cases. 

Protective cases are designed to be rugged and handle significant wear and tear.  The interior protection is just as important as the case itself.  UFP Technologies' specializes in fabricating custom foam interior protection systems for cases.  The case interiors are fabricated based on 3D models developed by our engineering team to provide a perfect fit and ultimate protection.

There are a plethora of foam materials in the marketplace today.  Many of these foams are used for a specific purpose such as packaging or material handling.  Case Fit 260 was developed specifically for case inserts.

Case Fit 260 exhibits the most important aspects necessary for interior case protection.  It provides excellent shock absorbency and vibration dampening which is useful when shipping or transporting cases.  Case Fit 260 is a non-abrasive material that can accommodate for delicate parts such as electronics or metal fixtures.  This specialty case insert foam is resistant to water and most chemicals.

Aesthetically, the small cell structure of Case Fit 260 approaches much more expensive cross-linked polyethylene foams, without the additional cost.  UFP Technologies has the capabilities to CNC-route, die cut and water-jet cut case inserts made out of Case Fit 260.  In addition, UFP Technologies offers laser-etching services to emboss company logos or product part numbers inside of the case with the use of specialty materials.

Using Case Fit 260, UFP Technologies has created custom case and foam insert solutions including gun and rifle protection systems, law enforcement equipment and electronics storage and sales presentation cases.

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