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Case Studies

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment Manufacturer
Manufacturer of high-end heart monitoring equipment needed returnable protective packaging.

Heart monitoring equipment can not fail. Our client needed packaging that would insure their equipment arrived at a patient's home in perfect operable condition. They also required packaging was durable enough to be used multiple times.

1) Custom designed foam inserts were fabricated to insure that each of the components in the monitoring set were available in the same returnable carton;
2) Cross-linked polyethylene foam was used to provide a washable surface for the returnable package inserts;
3) Three colors of cross-linked polyethylene foam were used to help patients follow written instructions on where to position the monitoring devices on their body.

About United Case
United Case, a UFP Technologies brand, is a full service provider of protective cases and custom engineered inserts. In partnership with United Foam, the flagship brand of UFP Technologies, United Case offers a wide variety of foam choices, multiple fabrication capabilities, and the protective packaging design knowledge required to provide the best case and foam insert solutions for your products. Please contact us today to discuss our custom case solutions.