UFP Technologies has discontinued its direct to consumer sales


As the leading manufacturer of custom foam case inserts in North America, UFP Technologies has the equipment and expertise to fabricate foam inserts to meet just about any application and budget. 

Depending on the type of foam specified, quantity of inserts required, and complexity of the design, we utilize the following processes.


Used for manufacturing more complex inserts, our engineers utilize the latest in CAD software including AutoCad, SolidWorks® and MasterCam to create patterns that will be routed using CNC machines.

Waterjet Cutting

This process, ideal for single and small volume inserts, requires no tooling and allows us to create sophisticated inserts in a wide variety of materials.

Die Cutting

Often used for inserts that are going to be purchased in higher volumes, this process utilizes a metal die that stamps foam sheets in to the exact specifications of the items to be packaged.

Product Identification System

UFP Technologies offers laser etching, laser cutting and plastic etching to enhance your case insert.  We can etch part numbers onto plastic inserts placed into the foam or we can etch onto the foam itself.  Etching onto your case insert is excellent for asset management, tool accountability, reducing foreign object damage and classifying sections of your case.

Fulfillment Services

UFP Technologies can provide complete turn-key solutions for your case and insert projects.  We have the ability to design your protective case and foam insert, fill your cases with your objects and drop ship the cases to specified locations.  Learn more about UFP Technologies’ fulfillment services on our Case Fit™ page.